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The comprehensive Bdollar$mart system shifts agents from being salesmen to consultants so they can successfully guide the client toward their best financial decisions. Discover the benefits of Bdollar$mart.

How Bdollar$mart Helps the Agent

As a financial agent, you’ve spent years learning your trade and hours investing in cumbersome, confusing software to build lengthy financial prospectuses. You’ve also watched agents come and go, burned out from the grind of the job. Introducing Bdollar$mart, a system that serves both you and your client, making the world of financial planning more enjoyable, efficient and profitable.

As an agent, the suite of Bdollar$mart tools was designed from decades of experience in the field. The system includes:

  • oBDassist: Software in the Bdollar$mart app that informs agents of the financial products best suited to meet the client’s needs. Alerts guide the agent and assist with terminology and phrasing to help guide the client in their financial decisions.
  • oTraining System: Three levels of training that teach agents how to use the App to its fullest. Training is available 24/7. When an agent completes a level, they demonstrate their aptitude to the broker before gaining access to the next level. Each level builds on the next and results in a fully trained agent with little time invested on the manager’s end.
  • oReporting: Brokers have complete access to each agent’s list of customers and all the possible financial opportunities in real time. Use these reports to prioritize sales calls, manage cash flow and help your agents close accounts.

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How Bdollar$mart
Helps the Financial Client

Everyone wants to feel confident in their financial investments. But what financial products do you really need? How much should you invest? How do you prioritize your needs? With Bdollar$mart, you take an active role in your financial decisions. The comprehensive Bdollar$mart system shifts agents from being salesmen to your consultant. With the app, you receive:

  • oA complete view of your potential financial risks based on your age, economic status, plans for the future and more. All data you input and
  • oA prioritized list of the financial products available to you. Your agent will educate you on each of those products and help you decide where to begin.
  • oUnderstanding and awareness regarding your financial investments so you have peace of mind with your financial future.

Discover the benefts
of Bdollar$mart

  • 1 Duplicatable system
  • 2 Saves time
  • 3 Simple, step-by-step training
  • 4 Engages clients
  • 5 Gives clients ownership in their financial decisions
  • 6 Maximizes sales
  • 7 Increases agent retention
  • 8 Builds agent confidence
  • 9 Available 24/7 via mobile app

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