Welcome to your very own Bdollar$mart!

What if you had a tool that allows your client to analyze their own financial situation in minutes instead of hours

What if you had a simplified and duplicatable system that allows you to train agents in weeks instead of months?

Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's Bdollar$mart!

Bdollar$mart is an all-in-one client solutions and agent system tool that can help you grow your business. Check out the video below to learn more.

The end result - instead of a slow, tedious process that takes literally weeks, the client gets to test drive their potential financial vision in minutes and come to a conclusion that the client helped create. Take a look at this video.

Bill Orender

Benefits of the Bdollar$mart System

  • The streamlined process lowers the amount of time spent with each client.
  • Agent training is a 24x7 self-guided system that helps train agents in weeks instead of months.
  • Helpful real-time reports allow Sales Manager to access data that enables them to keep track of agent workflow and client needs.

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